Silky and Powerful Hips - All levels*
Techniques for impactful,  elegant and seemless lower body combinations using smooth and rhythmic moves.

Smooth and Silky Combinations - All levels*
Technique for slow and spellbinding upper + lower body moves  and undulations put together in mesmerizing combinations.

Dynamic  Combinations - All levels*
Upbeat and fun combinations  and transitions that charm any audience.

Mastering Moves - All levels*
Save time and learn faster!!! Techniques that help master moves in less time.

Traveling Steps and Turns - All levels*
Add depth and polish to your dancing. Learn smooth transitions, traveling steps, turn combinations and technique.

Elegant and Dynamic footwork - All levels* Gracefulness in action! Stationary placement, transitions and traveling steps. Focus on legs, footwork and floor patterns.

Ballet Techniques for Bellydancers - All levels*
Make your bellydancing even more graceful and elegant by applying the ballet techniques taught in this workshop.

Graceful Arms and Hands - All levels*
Technique, transitions and combinations to compliment and elegantly frame your moves.

Choreography - All levels*
(technique also covered in all choreography workshops)
  • Entrance Choreography
  • Fan Veils
  • Arabic Pop Choreography
  • Drum Solo Choreography
  • Cane Dance Choreography
  • Sword Dance Choreography
  • Isis Wings Choreography
  • Playful Choreography
  • Bellywood Choreography

Dancer's Body Mechanics - All levels*
Master technique by learning the mechanics and fundamental exercises to get that dancer body and clean movement execution for polished and professional  results in all your dancing.

Fusion Fun - All levels*
Be unique! Learn some fun moves from other dance styles that can be easily incorporated into your bellydance for extra flavor and fun. Moves from Bollywood, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Lyrical and much more.

Amateur to Professional
The Business of Bellydance
Get paid  $$$ to do what you love to do! Learn step-by-step how to make a smooth transition from amateur to professional. Gain instant credibility. Learn how to avoid the most common and costly mistakes in the industry.  Workshop specifc topic (s) tailored by request (i.e. biz of professional performers, biz of teaching bellydance, etc.)
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NEW!!     NEW!!    NEW!!
Earn a SIX Figure income!!
Are you a belly dance studio owner? Are you running a profitable business or an expensive hobby?  In this program you will learn how to make a six figure income. A comprehensive seminar that shows dance studio owners step by step how to create and run a profitable dance studio, how to get maximum exposure with a low budget, how to avoid the most common  mistakes that result in lost income. It will show you how to be ahead of the competition and continually increase profits. Amust for all studio owners! (1-2 days)

Mastering Layers - All levels*
From basic to complex layers of lower body, upperbody, steps, footwork and arms made easy as 1, 2, 3!

Mastering Shimmies - All levels*
Technique, drills and combinations that make differentiating shimmies execution a lot easier .  Shimmies covered In this workshop  the 3/4 variations, the 3/4 down, the double up, double down, 4/4,  choo choos, egyptian , tunisian, hip shimmy, glute shimmy, and more.

Right from The Start
Ideal for those just starting up or  wanting to get a polished movement foundation. Learn with proper technique the basic moves of middle eastern dance.

Bootcamps - All levels*
A fun way to accelerate learning and sharpen up your skills. This is an intensive program with focus on technique, transitions, and dance combinations, various topics related to the dance and much more.

Additional Topics  - All levels*
  • Creating Effective Choreographies
  • Moving Beyond Choreography
  • Professional Stage Image
  • Performance Skills  & Secrets of the Pros
  • Performance Critique
  • Starting and running a successful  Dance Teaching Business
All workshops can be taylored to suit various skill levels ranging from mixed level groups to specific levels beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional. 
Topics  can be customized by request  to suit  your group and individual needs.
Private lessons also available.
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