Sabeya (Sah-bay-yeah): International performing artist,  instructor and choreographer.

A well rounded and versatile dancer, from an early age, Sabeya found her passion in dance and fitness. Her dance training background includes ballet, jazz, hip hop, ballroom,  latin dances, argentine tango, fusion and middle eastern dance.

As a dance instructor, choreographer and performer her credits include a long list of appearances in film, theatre and music videos. She is also known for her elegant, charismatic and captivating shows.

Since the beginning of her teaching career, Sabeya  has taught thousands of students. She has two certifications as a Trainer's Trainer, and also known as a mentor and  influential  teacher with a  reputation in producing skilled instructors.

Director of award winning dance troupe Johara. Sabeya is currently the artistic director for the International Bellydance Academy ,  Confidance Institute Inc.  and producer and organizer of the international charity event Shimmy Mob   for which she has been given the 'Telling Our Story' Award

Please send booking enquiries (both local and international)to sabeya@confidance.ca
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